Maskerade Rosé 2023 (one per order)

Gut Oggau
Grapes: Field Blend
Country: Austria
Wine Type:Rose
Vintage: 2023
Bottle Size: 750ml
Alcohol: 12%
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We have not yet tried this 2023 vintage of the Gut Oggau Maskerade, but here is some info until we do.

Limited quantity produced this year.

Maskerade info: These new family members are not a lapidary second bottling of the Gut Oggau youth series, but instead a very unique thing.

Steffi and Eduard have acquired some fantastic vineyards with different grape varieties in the past. They are cultivated entirely in accordance with the special philosophy of the winegrowing couple and these new members of the Gut Oggau wine family are also treated with the same loving care as all the others in the wine making process.

However, these vineyards are currently undergoing conversion to Demeter, and it will be some time before the special distinctive character of the vineyards becomes apparent. Then their true personality will emerge.

Only after they have revealed themselves fully, will they become part of the Family. So, the Maskerade wines capture a wonderful ephemeral moment. A snapshot in time, along a journey of discovery. Never to be experienced the same way again.


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Gut Oggau - Maskerade Rosé 2023 (one per order)
£31.91 incl. UK VAT & duty fee | £24.37 due at checkout | est. £7.54 to be paid to courier, with a small customs handling fee

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