Avanti Popolo 2022

Axel Prüfer
Country: France
Wine Type:Red
Vintage: 2022
Bottle Size: 750ml
Alcohol: 11%
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Avanti Popolo 2022 by Axel Prüfer (Le Temps De Cerises) is a vibrant and rustic natural wine made in Languedoc with mostly Cinsault and Carignan grapes, as well as now a blend of ALL the grapes in the (now) 14 hectare domain having recently purchased 7 hectares of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and more, so his total domain now also includes vineyards three years into organic conversion, which are included in this wine. 

To be upfront about this, and illustrate the process, Axel Prüfer has decided to fade out the label, and every year it will be more filled in with colour to showcase .

This NEW Avanti Popolo is more rustic than before, kinda similar to Patrick Bouju's Mol. Featuring the new grapes in the vineyards which are in conversion, it also features some Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. We found delightful  bursts of forest fruit, vanilla, ash, eucalptus and a slight peppery touch. Excellent value French red for sure!

Interesting fact about Axel Prüfer of Les Temps des Ceriris? The borders of the vineyards are scattered with human hair (collected) from the local hairdressers) to scare away local boars from eating the grapes

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Axel Prüfer - Avanti Popolo 2022
£19.00 incl. UK VAT & duty fee | £13.61 due at checkout | est. £5.39 to be paid to courier, with a small customs handling fee

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